Woman sitting on a desk presenting a monitor that displays a screenshot of the Core design.

Looking for a way to kick start your WoltLab Suite's design?

About Core

The Core styles for WoltLab Suite™ are a collection of free styles that do not rely on images, templates or even extra CSS. These styles are based on the original Core style by WoltLab - the only thing that's changed: The color palette. In other words: These styles are as fast as WoltLab Suite™ can get and highly compatible.


At this time we do have two color variants: Purple and green - with more on the way.


Screenshot of the Core Purple style showing WoltLab Suite Forum's board List Screenshot of the Core Green style showing WoltLab Suite Forum's board List


You can install the styles from within your WoltLab Suite's™ ACP. Just add the package server that's corresponding with your WoltLab Suite™ and search for the package you'd like to install. Need more info? Please visit our Documentation on how to get started.

WoltLab Suite Version Package server URL
WS 5.5 https://elevenfour.net/update/5.5/stable/
WS 5.4 https://elevenfour.net/update/5.4/stable/